While we’re on the subject


Money .. it’s a crime
Share it fairly but don’t a slice of MY pie

(Source: Spotify)

TAXMAN - The Beatles

BAM, finished my taxes just in the nick of time…

In searching for my 2012 tax return on my computer, I was delighted to also find Taxman by The Beatles, to help sweeten my financial reality a teeny bit.

The Beatles will last forever <3


I’m really looking forward to new Miami Horror (whenever it comes out).  I like how they seem to really be putting some effort into their music videos.  Many folks haven’t really bothered to since the 90s.  The video for Real Slow was just incredible. 

Miami Horror - Colours In The Sky


really enjoying the tropical dance party sounds of WAVE RACER!

Those Australians.. 


The new P3ACE EP from Netherfriends is out.  It’s really good.  I thought Netherfriends was amazing for a few years now.  Then,  I found out that it’s only just the one guy!  Even more amazing.  Damn that dude’s got some serious music making skills!

Netherfriends - Joey Vision



Time Will Tell


Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Just love this song & video!!



IT IS SOoOo BEAUTIFUL! Instant favorite and I’m only halfway through listening <3

Listen Now »


CORBU ~ We Are Sound

Here’s a gorgeous song and video from my dear dear friends in Brooklyn! I’ve been a huge fan and supporter of Corbu since I first met Jonathan Graves, shortly after moving to NYC in 2007. He’s the mastermind behind this project, and has put together an incredible band with lovely girlfriend and just amazing lady in every way, Amanda Scott, plus fellow talented friends, Julian, Brian and Todd.

Corbu’s beautiful sounds are presented to you alongside a stunning visual aesthetic, always. I’m obsessed with their instragram, and now you can be, too! You’re welcome.

Zane Lowe gave We Are Sound a glowing intro on BBC Radio, saying:

"…the decision was made immediately that it would be played.
it is instantly future, and we think you’re gonna love it.”

Keep an eye on Corbu and if you’re in New York, go see them live asap!



Some more from Netherfriends, 3 track preview from the upcoming Peace EP: 1 Uptown Boys 2 Birthday and 3 Joey Vision